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  • Title : Assistant Program Director

    Company Name: Art Insitute of Pittsburgh

    Industry : Education Management

    Location : Pittsburgh,PA,United States

    Specialty : Education Management; Public Speaking; Program Development; Psychology; Project Management; Academic Policy Management; Procedural Management; Curriculum Development; Faculty Management/Training/Mentoring

    Biography :

    Elise M. Vandamia has been in her professional career for 22 years in Psychology and 10 years with with her current position, completing all her educational endeavors.

    Currently, Elise is an Assistant Program Director with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where her role is to manage Full Time/Adjunct faculty in the Sciences of the General Education Department, with a focus on student success and retention rates, institutional effectiveness, academic policies and procedures, effectiveness of learning outcomes, curriculum development, and helping students reach their fullest potential.

    Elise holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. She loves what she does and enjoys making a difference for students and faculty. She has an extensive history of giving lectures and presentations at conferences/seminars, conducting research, and administering training on various topics promoting effectiveness in the classroom.

    In the next few years, Elise plans on continuing to grow and make a difference, possibly moving into a Dean, Vice-President or President title of a school or college and eventually opening her own Private Practice/Consultation service.

    At this stage in her career, Elise would like to network with like minded Professionals. She feels it is very important for her to be a part of this network and feels it allows her to share in the company of many other successful women.

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