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  • Title : Dermatologist

    Company Name: United Medical -Bionix Clinics

    Location : Dubai,United Arab Emirates

    Specialty : JuvedermPlastic SurgeryDermatologyRestylaneAesthetics

    Biography :

    Dr. Juliana Ghaben is a Dermatologist for United Medical – Bionix Clinics. Juliana is a medical physician who specializes as a dermatologist and mainly in aesthetic procedures and lasers. Juliana thrives at bringing what’s best and the state of art for her clients in all aesthetic technologies.

    Most of her patients are actually females and are the ones who participate actively in the society’s through their work or private business. Julian does feel what she does actually helps to add confidence to already successful and empowered women and that is the main foundation of this society.

    Juliana is certified by the American Academy in Aesthetic Medicine. What will amaze you is her unparalleled injecting techniques which she acquired by attending one-on-one training with Masters in Aesthetic Medicine in cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Milan and Seoul. Everyone in the aesthetic industry agrees that she is one of the most patient trainers who loves sharing and teaching skills to her colleagues.

    Dr. Juliana evolved an exclusive procedure combining fillers, botox, threads and PRP. Once you visit her you can be assured that you will be amazed by the results as you are being treated by one of the best in Industry. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.

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