Professional Information
Lopez Yglesias
Laboratorios Zepol S.A.
Education, Honors & Awards
ULACIT; James Cook University; UACA; INCAE
BS Administration Degree- ULACIT, 1996-1999; BScHonours- Marine Biology- James Cook University, Australia, 2001-2006; MSc Project Management Degree- UACA, 2007-2009
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Personal Information
Costa Rica
San José
Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas (INCAE); Programa de Alta Gerencia
Scuba diving, traveling around the world, listening to live music, going to the beach with friends and family, watching engrosing TV series, assisting all kinds of seminars and talks about any topic at all, practicing yoga and meditation, caring for the environment, teaching her young daughter how to get herself up after every time she falls.
Alejandra has an 18 month-old daughter, Eleonora. Her husband, Julián, is a full-time modern stay-home dad. They are absolutely committed to their daughter and to giving her the best first years of her life, full of love, security, and happiness. Alejandra thinks she would not have been able to succeed in both her job and her personal life without her husband's unconditional support.
Alejandra Lopez Yglesias began working for Laboratorios Zepol in 1995 and started as a receptionist. Twenty years later, Alejandra is the CEO of the company. She attributes her success to having great vision for the company as well as a team with the same desire to succeed.
16-20 Years
-Intentional and Effective Leadership-Strategic planning-Accurate Execution-Assertive communication-Long-term Vision-Strong people skills-Win-win negotiations
Alejandra started as a young receptionist at Laboratorios Zepol, 20 years later she is the company's CEO. What happened in between? A lot of studying and a lot of learning, which she now realizes are not the same. She worked in several different positions within Zepol, as well as in other companies, and other countries. She has played many different roles during her life, from a pennyless room service attendant to a succesful night manager; from a marine biology student to leader of an important scientific investigation in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; from an inexperienced tour guide to a saavy Reservations Manager that significantly improved the hotel's business; from a team member of an industrial production line to private labels manager; and everything in between.During all these years, Alejandra has travelled around the world seeking adrenaline and extreme adventures; has fallen in love and gotten her heart broken; she has experienced many moments of absolute happiness, as well as her fair share of extreme sadness and despair. In 2007, she lost her 27-year-old brother; in 2010, her 11-year-old sister also passed away. Got married to Julian in 2010 and became a mother in 2012, her daughter Elenonora is her uttermost reflection of love.From receptionist to CEO; from adventurous traveler to responsible mother... an entire life happens in 20 years!
HBR-Harvard Business Review
Leadership and Communication Skills; Pharmaceutical Industry; Hospitality Industry; Marine Biology; Coral Reefs; Scuba Diving; Rescue Diving; First Aids; Business Administration; Human Resources and Talent Management; Marketing and Sales; Business Finances and Economy; Entrepenourship.
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