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P. Ann
Wisdom of the Herd
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Equine Sports Massage Therapy (2004)
Kwantlen college
Equine First Aid and First Responder (1988)
Internal Fair Award
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British Columbia Horse Counsel Body Work Association Certified Horsemanship Association
Reading, writing, riding, sewing, yoga, Cooking
I have 2 kids and 2 grandsons. My 94 year old mother lives with me, she is a 2nd World War veteran and is British by birth. My mom is the rock of the family, and I hope one day to be as strong of a woman as she is. She is still an inspiration to us all.
My courses are based in life experience, and the lessons I have learned from horses over the past 50 years. Animals tend to ground you in reality, and I have studied philosophy and positive thinking for over 30 years. I have attended workshops and retreats, and done a lot of reading and personal growth on my own. I have used this information to help me recover from my own trauma and depression. I am hoping to pass this wisdom on to others. Being born and raised in a place like Jamaica gives you the resilience and tenacity to handle challenges, as survival there is based on your ability to be flexible and to crisis manage. As a result I do not lose my cool easily, and I tend to be the calm head in a storm.
More than 25 years
Author, Classical Equitation Coach, Entrepreneur, Self employed, CHA Level 2 Riding Instructor, Spiritual Life Coach, free lance writer,
P. Ann Turner has over 35 years in her profession. As Owner of Wisdom of the Herd, her average day is always different. Sometimes she has people come in and see her for private sessions and workshops. She attends trade fairs, and other days are spent teaching kids and adults to ride, schooling horses and teaching Horsemanship. Ann has been involved with horses for 50 years in different capacities. This has given her a diverse realm of experience, and has created a broad base of knowledge. Ann turned to life coaching by accident, as people always seemed to be calling her for advice, so she decided to create workshops to handle the demand. She quickly realized that horses had helped her a lot, and that they could help others also. They speak to you with their whole body language. During her time in Jamaica, where she was born, Ann used to rescue race horses that were addicted to drugs such as heroin and cocaine. These horses were dangerous and extremely difficult to deal with, as they had many emotional and physical issues to overcome. They provided a huge learning experience for her, and she credits the "horses from Hell" as being her greatest teachers. Ann is a member of the BC Horse Council, as well as the Certified Horsemanship Association, and the BC Association of Animal Body Work . She does lectures on horse training with 25,000 people in attendance, as well as being one of the Keynote speakers at the International Horse Conference at the Kentucky Horse Park in 2012. Ann is proud of the fact that she is still here, and that she has been through a lot and has overcome many challenges. She has always managed to find the strength to carry on. She reads, cooks, goes for walks, and writes in her spare time. Ann is a grandmother and enjoys spending time with the grandkids as well.
Huffington Post
Horse Riding, Horse Training, Equine Therapy, Emotional coaching with horses, Equine bodywork and rehabilitation Spiritual Life Coaching
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