Professional Information
Professor Emeritus
Washington University
Education, Honors & Awards
Washington University
PhD in Neurobiology from Washington University
2013 Lifetime Achievement Award; American Auditory Society; 2013 Symposium on noise-induced hearing loss  honoring D. Henderson and B. Bohne at ARO; 1999 Guest of Honor at annual meeting of American Otological Society;1979 Elected Associate member of American Otological Society
Personal Information
United States
St. Louis
Association for Research in Otolaryngology ;American  Association for the Advancement of Science
Watching professional Baseball; Golf; Football;  reading; participating in research on the inner ear.
We have a home laboratory in which I can continue my research on the ear.   Future studies, Lab Manuals etc. will be posted on Research Gate.
More Than 25 years
Microscopy, photomicrography, developing animal models of human diseases or conditions, anatomy and pathology of the inner ear, dissection of the cochlea and vestibular sensory organs for microscopic examination.
Dr. Barbara A Bohne worked in the Dept. of Otolaryngology at the School of Medicine at Washington University since June of 1962. Dr. Bohne has been studying the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the inner ear for 50 years. She is recognized for her research accomplishments that she continues to uphold. Dr. Bohne is  putting  all of her data on the web, in hopes that other scientists will use these data in their own research.
Inner Ear - Noise Damage & Age-Related Hearing Loss; Anatomy & Pathology of the Inner Ear; dissection of the cochlea to obtain flat preparations of the organ of Corti; quantitative analysis of the damaged organ of Corti; structure-function correlations  [ABRs, DPOAEs] from control, aging, and noise-exposed  animals [chinchillas; mice].
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