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Association for Brokers in Quebec(OACIQ) International Counsel of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
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Danielle Scally has been managing and building shopping centers for 30 years. She studied secretarial work, but did not enjoy it. Danielle then started out working for a very small real estate company. She met her mentor there, who is still in her life today. She went back and studied a bit more and was able to move up in the real estate world. Danielle Scally is noted for the fact that she is probably one of the only people that is willing to hold hands with the tenants during the purchase process. She is transparent and tells it the way it is. She is also known for her legal knowledge. Danielle transitions from French to English with ease and that has worked tremendously to help her career thrive. Professionally speaking, Danielle has reached a place where she is content. She works for a large company with a lot of properties in Canada and in the United States. She hopes to stay in the same space. She is exactly where she wants to be and hopes to be able to continue life with ease. Danielle notes the key to her success as her perseverance, listening skills and transparency. She has worked her way into many spaces and credits herself with being great at observing. Her greatest achievement to date was a few years ago was when she was given a brand new shopping center that was basically empty. Within a year, she built it up and was filled it with high end tenants who are still operating today. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.
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