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Denise Marie
poetry/short story writer
Gold Seal - Self Publishing Website
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Computer Information Systems, Oakland Community College/MTEC, Auburn Hills, MI
Computer Information Systems (2001)
15 Gold trophies, 20 Silver trophies, 18 Bronze trophies, and 79 Honorable Mentions from the All Poetry Website. Received a certificate plaque of membership, a membership pin, and an Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Silver Bowl Award from Poetry Nation. Also my poem, "I am the Artist" was a semi-finalist in one of Eber & Wein's contests and was published in a book called, "Where the mind Dwells."
Personal Information
United States
Received 132 Trophies from Gold Seal Website for Poems and Short Stories - In Gold, Bronze, Silver and Honorable Mentions. Also, I have published one book through CreateSpace and 22 other books through a group and friends of mine on a poetry website.
Traveling, Camping, and Swimming
I am married, and have a grown daughter and a grown son and I have my first grandson, whom I love and adore.
I have been writing for 9 years now, and still love writing. I have worked with others in groups to publish books and I now have at least 23 books published. I have also published poems in anthologies and other books too.
6-10 Years
I am a survivor of many things. I have been abused most of my life. I wrote a poem about abuse, and a friend of mine read it, and it opened her eyes about being abused. She was able to leave her husband because of it. I have Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, depression, and have been battling depression since the age of seven years old, according to my doctors. I have been hit by a moving vehicle, and have been lucky enough to live to tell about it in my short stories. I have sustained a fractured collarbone, and have osteoarthritis in both knees and both ankles, along with a few stitches and a few bumps and bruises. I walked out of the hospital the day after I was hit. I just recently had shoulder and collarbone surgery because of this accident, and I'm well on my way to recovery and will be adding another short story about it on All poetry.comOne of my therapists suggested to start writing to get my feelings out, bravo to her, and since then I have written one hundred eight poems and 16 short stories.In the past year, I have talked a thirty-six year old man, out of killing himself. I am now in the process of helping a teenager to get out of a situation that nobody ever wants to see a child in. All of my friends say I'm gifted like that, because they are always seeing me help someone, somewhere.I am married to a great husband. He has helped me to create more of my writing, and has also helped me through the major accident that I have survived, so I could talk about it. He is one hundred percent supportive of me. Who could ask for more than that? I have a fifteen year old daughter, who wants to be a Pediatrician, when she grows up. My thirteen year old son, wants to be a police officer, when he grows up. They will both be well educated, through major universities and police academies.Every poem and every story that I write, is always fresh and comes from my heart. I do write poetry with such thought and all on one page. When I get deep in thought and start to write a poem, there's no telling what I'll come up with.I started writing poetry almost three years ago, after I was in the hospital twice, and after my second mental breakdown.I took computer training in August of 2000 to March of 2001. Those classes have helped me improve on my writing and computer skills. I graduated in March of 2001, with a GPA of 3.50. I took a two-week class and that's where I started to write. I had an instructor who had Parkinson's Disease and he taught that class really well, even though there were only two of us in the class.He taught me how to write my first poem, and when I wrote it, I published the poem on Because of the way that website is set up, it can't be published anywhere else, according to the rules and regulations. My therapist has found about four websites for me to post poems on. I only chose two of them to post poems on. was the first site that I went to. The title of the poem is I Am. Next, came By the time I joined the All Poetry website, I had already written twenty-two poems and posted my second poem called, The Chocolate Hollow Easter Bunny on that website.All Poetry is like nothing else I've ever seen. But somehow, my web page on All Poetry, was discontinued and about a year later, I joined All Poetry again. I have been on that website for just over a year now, and have one hundred eight poems, and sixteen stories to my credit.I have ten gold trophies, fifteen silver trophies, twelve bronze trophies, and forty-five Honorable Mentions to my credibility.I have worked so hard on my poems and stories, and I get a lot of great feedback from people that are on that site all over the world. I have over one hundred seventy favorites, and about one hundred thirty fans through that website. If I had to do this over again, I wouldn't change a thing, because this is where my heart is, writing poetry and stories. I never thought that I would be famous.I am now looking at publishing a book of poetry, and I'm working on my autobiography and I plan to publish that, too. It will take me time to complete everything in the next few years, but I plan to have at least three books published within the next five years.I just joined Madison Who's Who, because I thought this would be a great experience for me, to get to know the world, and to help everyone as much as I can. I must say that all of my experiences come from within me, and that I would like to share them with the world.It's not easy being me, but I have a positive attitude that just doesn't quit. If I quit on myself, then I would end up quitting on the world. This is my life, and I'm finally living the dream. Even though I've been writing for a short time, I consider myself lucky to be here.I hope that nobody ever turns their back on the world, with our economy the way it is, if we don't fight for what is right, then we will lose the battle and lose the war against crimes, and any type of harm that will come our way. If we don't fight the good fight, who will?
Poetry/Short Stories, Writing Poetry/Short Stories also writing with a group of members from a Gold Seal/Self-Publishing Website
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