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The Corporate Body Institute
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The University of Western Australia; Griffith University
PhD, Training, Workplace Health and Well-being - Queensland University, 2007 – 2013; Post Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education - Griffith University (2013)
Minor- Experiential Learning
The University of Queensland
Health and Rehabilitation Science (2013)
PhD and Deans Award in 2013
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Kenmore Hills
Working in partnership with MTA-Global, Australian Human Factors and Ergonomics Association, AITD, Auscontact, Health and Well Being Association,
Skiing; Family time; Canoeing; Ice Skating; Cycling
The Corporate Body Institute was established to provide the ‘Move It – Contact Centre’ Safe Computer Use Skills Training program. This is A NEW and UNIQUE training program that has been designed specifically to manage one of industries’ major costs: The High Rates of Work Related Musculoskeletal & Eye Discomfort Associated With Computer Based Work. The aim of this training is very simple. It gives computer operators the multidisciplinary knowledge they need to better care for themselves while working. More importantly… and the truly unique part of this program … is that it also provides the training and support your operators need to transfer that knowledge into effective work skills. This program was designed in collaboration with the contact centre industry and was so extensively researched that it formed the foundation of my PhD at The University of Queensland. Preliminary research shows that this quick and easy training can reduce the level of discomfort experienced by your operators by at least 49%. These results were achieved just through training. No additional equipment or health initiatives (e.g. seated massages) were used during the research period. The Corporate Body Institute has partnered with MTA Global to ensure that our training can be delivered at your workplace anywhere in Australia. We look forward to working with you to bring a new level of health and safety training to your teams.
11-15 Years
Training, Contact Centres, Call Centers, Office Ergonomics, WRULD, MSD, Healthy Computer Work Skills, Skill-Based Office Ergonomics, Action Ergonomics, Experiential Learning, Program Development and Management,
Providing skill-based training to reduce computer use injuries. Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD) has been the driving force behind a new and enervative work based skills training program for computer users. With a degree in Human Movement Studies at the University of Western Australia and Postgraduate Diploma in Outdoor Education from Griffith University (Queensland), Elizabeth initially moved into corporate training and worked in both indoor and outdoor environments. Programs ranged from corporate health and in-house training, leadership, personal development and team building. After joining the call centre of a large banking organisation with the aim of developing an in-house corporate health programs, Elizabeth’s personal experience of working as a call centre operator led her identified a workplace health and safety issue that was not currently addressed through training. With all her knowledge and experience in the fields of exercise physiology, workplace health and safety and training, Elizabeth could not avoid the development of her own musculoskeletal and eyes discomfort, and the regular headaches associated with the long hours of computer work. This led Elizabeth to undertake a PhD at the University of Queensland to identify the multifactorial range of knowledge and the vocational training techniques needed to enable computer users to develop the essential work skills to manage, if not eliminate, the musculoskeletal and eye discomfort associated with long hours of computer work. Working closely with industry and with the support of academics in a range of research fields, a new multidisciplinary model of training for computer users was developed and trialled. The results from the first trial were so significant that a second trial in a major call centre, with nearly 200 operators, was undertaken to confirm results. In both call centres, before training over 86% of operators experienced some level of musculoskeletal discomfort, and in both trials the results showed a decrease in those levels of 49% to 100% in the 22 individually identified body segments. This research has now been developed into a commercially available training program. There is no other training program for computer users on the market that provides this holistic and operator focused approach to the management of work related musculoskeletal and eye discomfort. The program includes elements of office ergonomics, healthy work behaviours, the exercises and stretches recommended for avoiding or recovering from discomfort, and health and safety tips. Most importantly it includes the vocational training elements essential for trainees to transfer their new training knowledge into work skills, and the personalised delivery that allows each trainee to refine recommendations to match their own physical build and personal needs.
Skill-based health and wellness training for computer users that refines recommendations to meet individual needs; Safe computer use and office ergonomic skills training empowering individuals to manage and possibly eliminate risk factors associated with the development of work related upper limb disorders; Research focused on contact centers or call centers.
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