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My name is Elizabeth Mulheron and I offer Professional & Personal Life Guidance with an Intuitive approach. I am a Spiritual Physician & Healer by trade and have decided to take my magic to the business arena. What I do is provide both comprehensive & holistic services to people and organizations who desire change in their personal lives and business performance levels. I have the ability to remove the walls that are holding individuals and companies back. In their personal lives it can assist in helping remove walls so they can enjoy what life has to offer and not allow opportunities to pass them by. In the business arena, I work alongside business owners and employees to achieve higher than expected outcomes by eliminating stress, anxiety, negative habits and behaviors allowing everyone to achieve their true potential. Life becomes more balanced, so therefore things flow easier. I would even put it out there, that their golf game will improve. The result is less staff turnover, less stress leave, happier employees, increased productivity and sustainable commercial success.The product I offer is MYSELF - a very unique personality with the gifts of being able to see and understand what other people can’t. I totally trust in what I do and my abilities have been proven time and time again. I am here to help others be the best they can be this lifetime. The most rewarding part of my role is to help motivate and inspire people and organizations, and to see positive growth in them and those around them.I refer to what I do as MAGIC because it’s not logical but it works. When you try to figure out how and why it works, you can’t. What I do know, is that I have a list of clients that are walking and living proof of what I do does makes a difference. I believe (and everyone has their own beliefs) that as newborns we arrive with a life plan, some easier than others. As we grow and realize we are humans with free will, then that plan may change. Our straight path turns into a windy path with lots of side streets and roundabouts which can be lessons for us. Sometimes it's just to make us wiser in our old age and to make our life interesting. But over time an interesting life and being wiser can come at a cost which we often aren’t keen to pay. I help my clients avoid some of these side streets and obstacles which aren’t healthy for them. With my life experience and intuitive skills (which I trust 100%), I am confident that I will be able to add VALUE to anyone’s personal life and organization.I’m more than happy to have a chat about what I do and how I can help others anytime. Please give me a call on 0411 560 562. I am based in Sydney Australia, so Skype is a wonderful tool which I use regularly with overseas clients. So please contact me by phone, Skype or email - and I would love to see what I can do to help.Kind regards Elizabeth
Holistic Spiritual Healing, Angel Intuitive; Median; Reiki Therapy (Combining All 3)
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