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Freja Enjoy
International Fine Artist
Fine Art
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Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge is educated Designer in Haute Couture, for six years at Lennings of Technology for High Design Art. (1985)
International Awards: for Visual Fine Arts & One for Charitable Arts - Accademia Internazionale Italia In Arte Nel Mondo 2015. Marco Polo International Prize 2015. 1 First International Prize Leonardo da Vinci - The Universal Artist 2016. International Award The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists; together with Picasso, Mirò, Chagall and Salvador Dalì. Years : 2015; 2016; 2017.
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United Kingdom
Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge: When not working she enjoys wildlife, research and cooking.
Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge, is the CEO, owner & founder of FREJA ENJOY LIMITED UK. Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge is an International Fine Artist. She is educated Designer in Haute Couture, for six years at Lennings of Technology for High Design Art. She has a degree in the Fine Arts at Universities at Uppsala in Sweden and are trained in research for seven years, research areas: Original Healing; Women´s Lives; Indigenous People; Natural Medicine and Civics, & have studied at the Universities in Stockholm, Lund and Uppsala in Sweden. She was the Artistic Leader and Economical Director on Swedish Television and she is an Professional Healer/Shaman. Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge, is an International Modern Fine Artist. Job title: Fine Artist. Industry: Fine Arts. Marketing Area: International. Specialization/Expertise: International Fine Artist.
More than 25 years
Freja Enjoy works from her Heart in all she does, she have one goal and that is Love and she come from one place in all works and that is Love. Freja Enjoy: "All my work and everything I do is based on a source and it is unconditional love. I have a goal for all my activity in my life, the goal is the way, and this goal is unconditional love. All I do professionally and private is from my heart I am a very old soul incarnated to help in the current ascension process on Mother Earth, I am one with the elements and Mother Earth."
Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge,  is the CEO, and main Artist at Freja Enjoy Ltd. UK. She is educated designer in Haute Couture, for six years and academically  trained in the Fine Arts, for six years. She was the artistic leader and economical director on Swedish television and she is an professional healer/shaman. Freja Enjoy is an International Modern Fine Artist. She was awarded the honorable title to be one of the Worlds Best Artists, along with artists, such as Picasso, Dalì, Miró and others. She is also represented permanently with her art in the European Art Museum, and therefore part of European Art history now and in the future. Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge, was awarded the Prix International d´Art with the statuette “David” 2015 in Rome, Italy. Freja Enjoy Ltd. is lokated in London UK., Freja Enjoy  Hjälmbåge, is an Multiartist.  Her art represents ”Paintings in Expressionism with Beautiful, Bight and Vivid colors, it reflects what hides in her world full of Love, Peace and Tranquility. The artist Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge paintings are a world that art fans seeks to reveal her art deep and secrets.”, from the book: ”World Masters of Contemporary Art” 2015  and ”The artist Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge have a personal surrealism with a great technical ability, strong color play and a skillful balance of tones”, from the book: ”The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists” 2015. Swedish/Estonian artist Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge in Paris, in the catalogue for the Exhibition The Sacred Garden, in Paris, this is among what is told: ”Year 2009, Freja Hjälmbåge made a big Installation that was part of the exhibition ”media art”, in the Arthall of Trollhättan, Sweden. The Installation, was called ”The Big Mystery”, and included screen prints on exclusive woven cottonweb, hand crafted by her self, where one of the designs where the original engraving, "A Dancing Sacred Goddess". Painting, dancing, singing, storytelling, reading and playing music is the background Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge comes from”. When not working she enjoys wildlife, research and cooking.
Art Exhibitions; Artwork to order; Art with healing effect; Specially designed art and healing-projects; Art Sales; Work-shops; Art-Happenings; Multi-Art-projects and installations; Education; Ceremony work; Healing works
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