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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
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Indian Institute of Technology
PhD, Chemistry and Nano Technology, Indian Institute of Technology; MA, Chemistry
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United States
North Carolina
Chapel Hill
IFMRA; CRS; Ral Society of Chemistry; American Society of Pharmaceutical Scientists; Indian Chemical Research Society; National Post Doc Association; Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth
6-10 Years
Manasmita Das has over 17 years of experience as a researcher with a strong chemistry background. Manasmita's present research focuses on developing innovative, pharmacogenetic tools for noninvasive assessment of brain functions. In addition, she is developing a parallel track focused on developing novel iron-oxide based nanoprobes for theranostic neuroimaging and MR-angiography. In the long run, she looks forward to translating and commercializing her developed tools and technologies into clinical settings. Manasmita was prompted to join the small animal MRI group at UNC School of Medicine after doing scientific research in India. Her research accomplishments have been recognized in a form of receiving several national and international awards as well as serving as an invited reviewer for over 20 different international journals. During her PhD, Manasmita had solid training on the synthesis and in vitro evaluation of magnetic nanoparticle based contrast agents that had promising implications for cancer diagnostics. Prior to joining UNC Chapel Hill, she had been working as a Research Scientist at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in (NIPER Mohali, India). From 2010-2013, Manasmita was heavily involved in some of the major nanotechnology initiatives of the Indian Government (DST and ICMR) aiming towards the translation of nanotechnology-based products from bench to clinics. During this tenure, she gained significant proficiencies in preformulation, formulation and characterization of a wide range of nanoparticle-based novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) and therapeutic bio-conjugates that had potential applications in parenteral and oral treatment of cancer, diabetes or fungal infections. Since 2008, Manasmita has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles. Manasmita's ultimate goal is to pursue an independent career in academia that allows her to apply nanotechnology and multimodal imaging tools for solving problems affecting human health. She attributes her success to overcoming the scientific constraints she has faced throughout her research experience. Manasmita feels that these constraints helped to improve her research skills. She seeks to network with like minded-professionals.
AFM; Spectroscopy; Chemistry; Cancer; Scanning Electron; SDS-PAGE; Chromatography; HPLC; Bioconjugation; Biopolymers; HRMAS NMR spectroscopy; Preformulation; fMRI; Fluorescence UV/Vis; FTIR; XRD; Surface Engineering; Nanotoxicology; Bio-pharmaceutics; Biophysical Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Carbon Nanotubes; Magnetic Nanoparticles; Cancer Research; Nano-medicine; Organic Chemistry; Biomaterials; ASL; CBV and BOLD; fMRI; Stereotactic brain animal handling; Histology; MEMRI; Magnetorelaxometry; Anatomical MRI; fMRI data analysis
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