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studio tomeczek
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21-25 Years
1. 1999 - 2005 2. online and community development. Currently transformation. Expanding project. Changing roles. being with clients (existing, and potential) projects, direct marketing, brand development, corporate design. 3.Degree in this field. loves what she does 4.Technical setup. Negotiating product level wide range, design issue, product in all fields. Graphic design. 5. Masters Degree in graphic design University in Germany, stockham 8. Published in "Annual Multimedia" seven times in a row -international compilation photography and design. "Communication Arts" two times in a row. 9. no 10. I see myself focusing on product development and negotiating. Bring my knowledge and expertise to others. 11.Networking 12.I'm most proud of developing for Cannon. visionary photographic partials. Involved with issues for Cannon. 13.Networking, being a Visible entrepreneur. bring my expertise into the network. Female collaboration, exchange. Back end interview National European Likes Traveling, cycling, sports, spending quality time with family, and two daughters ages 10 and 14 Volunteer work in community, Catholic Involved in school and parent teacher committee. Also her company works with women textiles in India that she's involved in.
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