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Priscila França Clinic
Education, Honors & Awards
Medical School in Argentina
Doctoral Degree, Medicine, Dermatology
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Nova Lima
Academy of Dermatology in Brazil
Travel Neuroscience Reading Dancing
11-15 Years
Dr. Priscila Franca is a dermatologist who has been practicing for 13 years. She has her own clinic where she helps patients with skin diseases and other ailments. the skin is the largest organ in the body and the most visible tool that people use to express themselves. Dr. Franca decided to go into dermatology because she wanted to help people who suffer through their skin improve their lives as well as build their self esteem. She is best noted for the way she reads. Dr. Franca is able to pinpoint what is wrong with them and help them find a healthy solution so they can go on to produce successfully in society and know their own value. Dr. Franca has an MD in Dermatology from Medical School in Argentina, she is a member of the Academy of Dermatology. While she has yet to conduct a lecture or conference on her own, she attends them on a regular basis. She has been featured in the Argentinian publication "Mamasize". Speaking in future terms, Dr. Franca would like to connect with as many women as she can, here regionally as well as abroad. She feels that the key to her success is in the way she connects to her patients with empathy and helps them see that despite their skin issue, they are still perfectly healthy people. Helping her patients see that their skin issue is just that, an issue of the skin and nothing more. Dr. Franca is the most proud when she has patients from abroad who come back to see her repeatedly and offer referrals to friends and family. In her spare time, Dr. Franca loves traveling, neuro-science, reading and dancing. She is active with charitable organizations and does volunteer work within her community. Working on a regional scale, Dr. Franca looks forward to taking advantage of everything the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals has to offer and all the benefits.
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