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    • Title : Business Development & International Investor Relations Manager

      Company Name: Together

    • Location : Israel

      Specialty : Investments

    Biography :

    Iris Zangi is head of International Investor Relations and Business Development for Together Investment platform. She has extensive professional skills as a result of many years of experience in different fields. She has been in charge of a women’s organizations, governmental positions, and also financial roles in the private sector. She joined Together that has […]

    • Title : Customer Value Management

      Company Name: Vodafone

    • Location : Milan,Italy

      Specialty : Prepaid consumer; Market what the customers needs are

    Biography :

    Oriella Barone is the Customer Value Manager at Vodofone and has fifteen years of professional experience in her field. On an average day she up-sells, trades up, helps people to make their technology active, and makes strategies for sales. She also manages all the indirect and direct sales channels for the brand. Her motivation for […]

    • Title : Founder, College Counselor and Coach

      Company Name: Global College Counseling

    • Location : Greekley,Colorado,United States

      Specialty : EducationHigher EducationAcademia

    Biography :

    Marcea Eckhardt is Founder, College Counselor and Coach of Global College Counseling, a firm she established to assist clients with finding the right university to fit their academic profile and goals. Having experience in counseling in a high school setting, she found that as the industry evolved there was a real need for more than […]

    • Title : Managing Director

      Company Name: Fitness Move Ltd

    • Location : New Zealand

      Specialty : Health FitnessWellness

    Biography :

    Patricia Reilly has 30 years of experience in her career. As Managing Director of Fitness Move Ltd, she assists individuals in health and fitness on a client roster that includes large corporations. She holds a bachelor’s degree and credits her success to hard work and determination. Looking ahead, Patricia plans to continue to grow and […]

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