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    • Title : Customer Value Management

      Company Name: Vodafone

    • Location : Milan,Italy

      Specialty : Prepaid consumer; Market what the customers needs are

    Biography :

    Oriella Barone is the Customer Value Manager at Vodofone and has fifteen years of professional experience in her field. On an average day she up-sells, trades up, helps people to make their technology active, and makes strategies for sales. She also manages all the indirect and direct sales channels for the brand. Her motivation for […]

    • Title : Founder, College Counselor and Coach

      Company Name: Global College Counseling

    • Location : Greekley,Colorado,United States

      Specialty : EducationHigher EducationAcademia

    Biography :

    Marcea Eckhardt is Founder, College Counselor and Coach of Global College Counseling, a firm she established to assist clients with finding the right university to fit their academic profile and goals. Having experience in counseling in a high school setting, she found that as the industry evolved there was a real need for more than […]

    • Title : Managing Director

      Company Name: Fitness Move Ltd

    • Location : New Zealand

      Specialty : Health FitnessWellness

    Biography :

    Patricia Reilly has 30 years of experience in her career. As Managing Director of Fitness Move Ltd, she assists individuals in health and fitness on a client roster that includes large corporations. She holds a bachelor’s degree and credits her success to hard work and determination. Looking ahead, Patricia plans to continue to grow and […]

    • Title : Founder

      Company Name: Sophfree

    • Location : United Kingdom

      Specialty : Life mentoring, childhood trauma, psychology

    Biography :

    Sophie Sherwin is an author, Life mentor, blogger, writer and speaker who currently resides in the UK, she led an expat life for a few years before travelling around the US and Canada writing her book but is now back in the UK to refocus and rebrand. Sophie’s company Sophfree was founded so she can […]


      Company Name: ASSIDEA IRMET

    • Location : Italy

      Specialty : Organizational Management

    Biography :

    Elisabetta Salsa is CEO of Assidea Irmet. She is responsible for managing nuclear medicine to patients. Pet scan machines are bought from General Electric and they use the machines to scan patients for oncology. She travels often, and meets with city administration at the mayor’s office. She checks on the business to see if things […]