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  • Title : Customer Value Management

    Company Name: Vodafone

    Location : Milan,Italy

    Specialty : Prepaid consumer; Market what the customers needs are

    Biography :

    Oriella Barone is the Customer Value Manager at Vodofone and has fifteen years of professional experience in her field. On an average day she up-sells, trades up, helps people to make their technology active, and makes strategies for sales. She also manages all the indirect and direct sales channels for the brand.

    Her motivation for getting into the industry was having an interactive environment with many aspects of telecommunications, and she has enjoyed seeing the market grow into the competitive powerhouse it is today. Her area of expertise is prepaid consumers and identifying the right market for what consumer needs are. She has a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Bacony University, cum laude, and graduated in 2006

    In the next three to five years, Oriella wants to make new activities about ecommerce and family business and is looking to change to the company manager and head of customers team. She already offers workshops to the employees when launching a new product, and will find the growth a natural transition. her key to success is believing in the products she sells.

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