Sitewide Activity

Sitewide Activity

  • Nicole Estermann posted an update

    Hello Ladies, I am looking for connections in Europe (or beyond) who would be interested of exchanging views in Digital Transformation of Healthcare companies, the change management aspects of it and new ways of implementing processes (e.g. agile). If you are already an expert, I would also be truly excited to get your guidance and learn from your…[Read more]

    5 days ago
  • Catalina Jimenez posted an update

    Emotional states affect your nervous system having as a result: heart disease, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, diabetes, emotional and physiological stress

    2 weeks ago
  • Pascale Leonide posted an update

    I have seen many posts where the association has been described as a scam, with the network placing various calls to request for payment. The fact that all benefits apply only to those living in the USA (and all need to be paid for), and that all my requests for connection with other members of the network have not been accepted to date, then…[Read more]

    3 weeks ago
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