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  • Maru San Martín posted an update

    By Maru San Martín
    I want to imagine that the migration of my southern brothers and sisters is similar to the one done by some bird species: periodical and not as a measure of massive invasion; a migration with no return to their homeland.
    All migrations imply a monumental sacrifice from those migrants that will continue for days, weeks,…[Read more]

    4 hours ago
  • Joan Delsol Meade posted an update

    1. At a forum last weekend, I gained insights into the history of migration to the Netherlands. As pastor of migrant congregations, I was surprised to learn how many there are in this country. Migrant churches make a significant contribution to the social life, especially given the decline in family participation in the indigenous churches.

    2.…[Read more]

    2 days ago
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