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  • Title : Executive Director

    Company Name: EbevyYG Learning Solutions LLC

    Location : Harrisburg,PA,United States

    Specialty : Adult EducationProgram Development

    Biography :

    With over 35 years of professional experience, Dr. E. Beverly Young started her company, EbevyYG Learning Solutions LLC, 5 years ago where she writes curriculum for police and law enforcement as well as on a wide array of other subjects. She is also a certified content reviewer and adjunct professor.
    Dr. Young completed her Bachelor’s degree in Instrumental Music and Master’s degree in Education, both at Temple University. She earned her PhD in Adult Education Leadership from Walden University. Also a prolific writer, she published three volumes of “Social Change through Training & Education” targeted for community residents and police-law enforcement professionals. Her fourth book, “Self Within Society” profiles how people find existence within society. Moving forward, Dr. Young is marketing courses she developed for communities and police departments needing to update their knowledge on bias-free policing, bias-free communication, police culture, recruiting and retention of officers.
    Within the last three months, Dr. Young opened an online academy featuring in-service courses for seasoned police officers (
    Dr. Young enjoys reading, Bible study, and crossword puzzles.

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