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    • Title : Executive Director

      Company Name: EbevyYG Learning Solutions LLC

    • Location : Harrisburg,PA,United States

      Specialty : Adult EducationProgram Development

    Biography :

    With over 35 years of professional experience, Dr. E. Beverly Young started her company, EbevyYG Learning Solutions LLC, 5 years ago where she writes curriculum for police and law enforcement as well as on a wide array of other subjects. She is also a certified content reviewer and adjunct professor. Dr. Young completed her Bachelor’s […]

    • Title : Director Partners and Alliances

      Company Name: Equifax Workforce Solutions

    • Specialty : Strategic ThinkingMarketing and Planning Long term Objective GoalsKeeping Others MotivatedImproving Processes

    Biography :

    Lisa M. Thomas has over 15 years of experience with Equifax Workforce Solutions, and currently serves as Director of Partners and Alliances. She oversees the development team of five, and ensures the company finds new channels to market their products and expand. She also offers service support and speaks on matters of future business and […]

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