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    • Title : Director Partners and Alliances

      Company Name: Equifax Workforce Solutions

    • Specialty : Strategic ThinkingMarketing and Planning Long term Objective GoalsKeeping Others MotivatedImproving Processes

    Biography :

    Lisa M. Thomas has over 15 years of experience with Equifax Workforce Solutions, and currently serves as Director of Partners and Alliances. She oversees the development team of five, and ensures the company finds new channels to market their products and expand. She also offers service support and speaks on matters of future business and […]

    • Title : Executive Director

      Company Name: serafimmarques

    • Location : Portugal

      Specialty : Cost AnalysisBusiness ManagementEngineeringOperationsBudgeting

    Biography :

    Liliana Marques has over 18 years of experience in the financial industry, with expertise in consulting, business management, and development. She is Executive Director of serafimmarques, a family-owned company run by her father. Her average day consists of overseeing the financial department, overseeing business plans, strategic planning, budgeting, and cost analysis. She graduated with a […]

    • Title : Director

      Company Name: International MADES Communication

    • Location : Madrid,Spain

      Specialty : Public ImagePublic RelationsAdvertisingMarketing

    Biography :

    Maria Garzon Molina has over 10 years of experience in her current field. She has owned her own business for 2 years. She works on creating a public image, client acquisition, problem solving, and searching for new markets. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and PR from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos from 2006. She […]

    • Title : General Manager

      Company Name: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

    • Location : Greece

      Specialty : Project ManagementEconomicChange LeadershipTool ManufacturingConsultingChange management

    Biography :

    Marielle Thomas is the General Manager of Stanley Black+Decker, where she has been for the past for 22 years. She started with them in the financial department and then progressed steadily up the ranks to her current role. With prior financial experience at major companies such as Oracle and British Petroleum, when she began with […]

    • Title : Business Development & International Investor Relations Manager

      Company Name: Together

    • Location : Israel

      Specialty : Investments

    Biography :

    Iris Zangi is head of International Investor Relations and Business Development for Together Investment platform. She has extensive professional skills as a result of many years of experience in different fields. She has been in charge of a women’s organizations, governmental positions, and also financial roles in the private sector. She joined Together that has […]

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