The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Anna Chin

Anna Chin is the Founder and President of She founded the company 10 years ago with the desire to provide internet users with the safest, cleanest, most secure, and private internet and search experience globally.
While all of the popular search engines give people millions of search results that include everything from the light and fluffy to obscene material, GOFBA heads in another direction. GOFBA is the world’s first and only safe and clean search engine, meaning it effectively eliminates all violent, pornographic, and inappropriate content from search results.
Founded in 2006 to address the ever increasing dangers that threaten everyday internet users, the GOFBA safe haven grows at an ever-expanding rate and currently enjoys over 40 million users worldwide, and includes search, chat, email, offsite file transfer and storage, as well as media modules with more modules ready for launch. Along with air tight encryption, and lightning fast speed, GOFBA provides users with the highest degree of privacy by never tracking their search history, scanning their computers or devices, installing secret cookies, or selling their information.  In addition, everything done through GOFBA is encrypted and free, including using the chat feature, e-mail, and vault, which allows 10 GB of secure storage.
Anna resides in Chino Hills, California, where outside of running her company she enjoys design, fashion, painting and writing, and is an avid gardener.
Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member Anna Chin can be found in the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.