The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Charlotte Bande

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Charlotte Bande is a Senior Strategic Sustainability Consultant for Quantis, a consortium of “creative geeks”, working to guide the world’s top organizations to define, shape and implement environmental sustainability solutions through the delivery of resilient strategies, robust metrics, and state of the art communications and tools.
As a quickly rising young business professional, Charlotte is passionate about her work in sustainable development and has extensively studied to understand the environmental challenges companies face and support them to define sustainable strategies in line with our planet’s needs, allowing the business to grow while respecting the planet.
After spending 6 months in exchange focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility from Jonköping University, Charlotte went on to complete a master’s degree in Commercial Engineering and Sustainable Development at ULB- Solvay SBS-EM. She conducted her thesis on the Monetisation of externalities: holistic and critical analysis of the SPM methodology developed by Solvay S.A. under supervision from the dean of the faculty.
Prior to joining the team at Quantis in 2015, Charlotte served as a Management Consultant for Phinest. She continues to develop and research new means by which to integrate sustainable methods into business and the world at large. She resides in Brussels, Belgium while working in Paris and speaks fluent English and French.
Outside of her professional endeavors, Charlotte enjoys field hockey, dancing and any water sports (kitesurfing, wakeboarding …).
The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member Charlotte Bande can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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