The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Dr. Hayat Khogali

Hayat Khogali


Dr. Hayat Khogali is currently the Supervisor of the Expanded Program on Immunization for the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar.  She is a Public Health Consultant, holds a doctoral degree in community medicine / public health and is a Medical Epidemiologist with a Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Dr. Khogali has worked in many different positions, having more than ten years of progressive experience in the field of public health with focus on communicable disease surveillance, outbreak investigation and control, and a special interest on vaccine preventable diseases. She also has expertise in Humanitarian Emergency & Response, Implementation of IHR core capacities, immunization programs, HIV/AIDS, planning, monitoring and evaluation. She worked with Sudan FMOH as a Head of the National Epidemiology & Zoonotic Disease Program, and is a known leader in the health community, serving on numerous initiatives designed to improve public health outcomes.

Throughout her career, Dr. Khogali has worked to develop strategies and solutions that will make a difference in public health. She addresses challenges in innovative ways that will help improve the health of citizens on a global scale.

Dr. Khogali believes in multi-disciplinary, multi- cultural teams, which value the coordination and collaboration between different sectors. She made remarkable efforts in implementing efficient and effective coordination activities between different parties in regards to IHR, One Health Concepts, and Integrated Surveillance. She is diligent in keeping up with the latest research in the field of public health, as well as knowledge transfer.

Public health is complex and multi-dimensional. With a global vision, Dr. Khogali continues to conduct research, contributing to environments and conditions for health strategies around the world. Well known for her leadership, research, and commitment to continuous learning and advancement in her profession, she looks forward to networking and collaborating with like-minded professionals.  She speaks fluent English, Arabic and some French, and enjoys reading, dancing and networking in her spare time. She resides in Qatar, where she remains dedicated to the field of public health.

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