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Hello, pleased to meet you. My name is Asun Gálvez. I work as a professor at University Complutense de Madrid, Spain. I made my doctoral thesis about Barack Obama as the first e-president in history. I teach political and social marketing, and relationship marketing. I also do freelance work in creativity, political communications, strategy and copywriting. I collaborate with political campaigns in USA also. Creativity and politics go hand in hand. That is what I like the most about my profession. Feel free to contact me and start a conversation. I will try to do my best. I’m sure I can help you.

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Asun Gálvez has over 20 years of professional experience in her career field.  She is responsible for preparing lessons, working one on one with students and selecting and managing teachers for her team.  She was originally in the advertising field for over 15 years.  She is highly specialized in copywriting, creativity in political communications, and being a creative consultant.

Asun Galvez is mostly noted for her skills in advertising, communications and American political communications.  She has her PhD in Advertising and Public Relations from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  Asun has been published in several academic articles since earning her PhD in 2013.

She published a chapter in book entitled Political Consultancy, University Camilo José Cela and CIGMAP (International Centre for Governance and Political Marketing). Published by Amarante in 2016. ISBN: 978-84-945289-3-4. She also had the following papers published: AdResearch (ESIC) entitled Digital creativity in political communications: case-study about Barack Obama’s second presidential campaign on Facebook and at ISSN 1889-7304, Legal Bases M34206, a paper entitled The importance of e-mailing in political marketing, published in the journal Beers&Politics, May 2, 2016, available at, and a paper for the IV International Congress of Creative Cities (January 13-15, 2016) entitled Urban space as an electoral stage during Barack Obama’s second presidential campaign in 2012. The Congress was organized by the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising II in the School of Information Sciences at Complutense University of Madrid and by the scientific journal ICONO 14, and was directed by Dr. Francisco García. Paper released in Volume 1, pages 349-375. Available at:

Her Doctoral thesis entitled Barack Obama, the first e-president in history: E-mail and social media strategy as main tools for electoral management and loyalty in political communication. Icono 14 Editorial, ISBN 978-84-940289-8-4. May 2016.

In the future, Asun wants to work to empower the American people with the knowledge she has.  The keys to her success have been persistence and dedication.  Asun is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.

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