The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Davia Lamey

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Davia Lamey’s journey with Jamalco started over eighteen (18) years ago, when she entered the Alumina refinery. Over time, she gained enough knowledge and expertise to be permanently employed by the company.

She was promoted to the position of Millwright, where she rebuilt Centrifugal pumps, Valves, Washer Drive Heads and Gear Boxes. She owned the craft and was very productive at her job.

In 2015, she was again promoted to the position of Materials Coordinator. This afforded her the opportunity to spend the company’s money. She is responsible for procuring materials both on and off site to facilitate the necessary repairs of plant equipment.

Through Jamalco’s Volunteer initiatives, she was given the opportunity to become an active volunteer, where she impacted the lives of those less fortunate in a positive way.

Her volunteer journey took her to places like Infirmaries, community centres, nursing homes, and places of safety for children and schools. Activities included refurbishing and painting of buildings, planting of trees and decking of roofs. She also assisted in providing manicure and pedicure services to the inmates of these facilities. These gestures helped in improving the lives of the residents and put a smile on their faces.

She is a member of the Jamaica Association of General Baptist Churches, and is also a mother of two lovely boys, ages 13 and 8 years respectively.

Davia’s future goal is to further her Tertiary Level Education where she can contribute to the further development of herself, the professional landscape and her country.

Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member, Davia Lamey, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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