The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Hélène Roden Poszler


Hélène Roden Poszler is a Methodology Coach and French native Teacher, and offers over 15 years in her profession. She loves culture and being with others. She values giving them the best of herself, and she focuses on others. She does a lot of preparation for exams, preparation for professional interviews, speeches, and conferences, usually in French. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations & Global Affairs from the University of Milan, a Masters degree in Translation and French teaching from the University La Sorbonne of Paris and a degree in Life Coaching from the Instituto Superior de Coaching de Barcelona.

Hélène offers personalized classes adapting to her students and uses coaching tools to optimize results and well-being. She is proud of her students: 100 % passed their exams and achieved their goals. She also does translations into French from English, Italian, Spanish or Hungarian.

As for life coaching, feel free to try and take part to the adventure (losing weight, starting a new profession, challenge). You can use your mother tongue: French, English, Italian, Spanish or Hungarian, opening yourself directly from your heart.

She credits her success to attention, focus, planning, and balance. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.

Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member, Hélène Roden Poszler, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.