The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Inola Mapp


Inola Mapp has over 12 years of experience in her current field. She is an Economist for Prodes. She has had a long successful career and worked in community development for over 30 years. She taught Economic Policy at Latina University for over 12 years. Currently she teaches English and Educational Investigation at ISAE Universidad Panama. She has written numerous articles on women in the future and women’s empowerment. She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Education from the Universidad de Panamá from 2000.

She was a Technical Trainer for U.S. Peace Corps – Panama from 2000 – 2005.   She also did work for the Panamanian government in agriculture and trade. She has also written about gender development and Panamanian African descendants. Her vision for the future is to write a book about Education. In the next few years she would like to continue what she is currently doing. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.

Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member, Inola Mapp, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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