The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Renata Amaral


Renata Amaral has over 15 years of experience in her field, and is the founder of Women Inside Trade, an association of women that work with international trade. Established two years ago, the association is dedicated to promoting the work performed by women all over the world. Women Inside Trade is a democratic space rich with relevant international trade information brought by women who are active in the national and international scene. Linkedin:

Seasoned in international trade, Renata made a name for herself in this male-dominated field, and wanted to give back and help her fellow women colleagues in the field. She holds a PhD in International Trade Law from Maastricht University, and has been featured at industry conferences, media and publications.

Renata credits her success to her persistence, and is proud to litigate at the top of her field. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other likeminded professionals, and to gaining the recognition of being a member.

Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member, Renata Amaral, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.