The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Shiri Carmielli


Shiri Carmielli is the owner of Carmiellis Consulting. She has over 15 years of experience in her career field. Shiri is an independent consultant for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping to make their business more successful by developing their strategic management, innovation strategy and new products and services. Shiri is best noted for her skills in business development strategic management and product development.

She holds a B.Sc., and her Master’s Degree is in Business Administration from the University of Ben Gurion in Israel. She is a lecturer at the Colman School of Business, The College of Management Academic Studies of Israel.

In the next few years, Shiri is establishing a company that supports business women and entrepreneurs. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.