The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Member Sophie Sherwin

Sophie Sherwin

Sophie Sherwin is an author, Life mentor, blogger, writer and speaker who currently resides in the UK. She led an expat life for a few years before traveling around the US and Canada writing her book, but is now back in the UK to refocus and rebrand. Sophie’s company Sophfree was founded so she can live her mission and purpose which is to help empower professional women to realize and fulfill their dreams by taking their lives to the next level. Sophie focuses on moving them through fear, their limitations and glass ceiling and whatever else is holding them back. They get to thrive, lead an unstoppable life with more energy, excitement and freedom and face any situation with confidence and inner knowing they can tackle whatever comes their way. They can also start ticking items off their bucket list!
Fear keeps us stuck but fearless freedom allows us to live our purpose, dreams and wishes. With a degree in Psychology, Sophie has dabbled in Psychotherapy, and holds a health coaching certificate. Offering excellent work and life experience, she also has incredible intuition and can read Human Design charts. She certainly has the skills to transform people’s lives, and gets inquisitive and real with clients so they can be honest with themselves. She says, there is no room for shame! She says she cannot fix people but they will work together and the client is held accountable so there are long term results of magic, happiness and dreams coming true and make impactful lifestyle changes.
For 11.5 years, Sophie worked as Personal Assistant (PA) for an Ultra high-network individual and his wife. Prior to that, and after training for a year in Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis, for which she obtained a one-year certificate, she worked with children and adults. She has also done some Holistic Therapy, after studying Carl Young’s dream analysis, and she also has some experience with education, health, and Social Services where she was on the Child Protection Team. She offers packages from one off ‘pop up coaching sessions’ to 3-month mentoring, she opens her doors to a range of opportunities to work with her. It is all very client led. She is also a writer and has recently written an article called ‘Boss Babes: Resourceful, Determined Women’ for a luxury online magazine. She blogs about life and has been a guest of various webinars and podcasts. She was a speaker at an event where she shared a story in front of a large audience and has run workshops for women which were very engaging, informative and inspiring.
She recently wrote and published a book to which she says about her writing: “I have recognized and embraced that I have an insatiable appetite for new experiences which has fueled my creativity and made my writing powerful, funny, inspirational, heartwarming and so, so raw. I mostly write about what I know and have experienced.” This is what she says about her book ‘There’s Always a Hitch’. She wrote the book last year as she wanted to tell her mums story about her travels around the US and Canada back in 1958 when she was just 19 years old. She and two  friends threw on some backpacks and hitched hiked with little money, from Canada to Mexico experiencing life, meeting incredible people and luckily for me she diarised their adventures. She passed away just over 11 years ago, and last summer I felt a little lost in my life so I decided to re-connect with her through those adventures. Putting fear, any sensible thoughts aside, and her stuff in storage, off she went and travelled with her diaries to all the places she did 61 years earlier. I noticed how things had changed or not changed but most importantly of all diarising her own adventures and ‘There’s Always a Hitch’ was written.” Little did she know that she would be living the title. For mum and the girls there was always a hitchhike and for Sophie there was always a ‘hitch’ and how she overcomes them. Book #2 is in the making but right now she is stepping up and will be working as a keyworker in a hospital for the Covid response team as well as continuing her business and focusing on growing her client list.
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