The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Nicole Gallucci

Nicole Gallucci

Nicole Gallucci is the proud mother of three young adults and a partner at FUSE LIVE ( the XM division of Fuse Marketing Group Inc. Former president and CEO of BOOM! Marketing and the author of Adversperience ~ The Convergence of Advertising and Experiential Marketing, Nicole has more than 30 years of expertise in marketing, spanning from creative to logistics, and production to fork lift driver. Nicole is having a very successful career in marketing and advertising. Fuse is a major agency in Canada, and with Nicole as one of the leaders at the helm, the company thrives along with her natural dedication and ability to inspire others. She also a very passionate writer and contributes regularly to Globe and Mail Leadership Lab, a leading newspaper in Canada. Some of her prior experiences leading up to her current position include New Product Launcher for Coke, Nestle, and FCB/RR and Brand Manager for Nielson Cadbury.

Her make it happen mantra ensures great ideas are executed meticulously to deliver great results. In Addition to Fuse, Nicole is a Professor at George Brown University, where she teaches Advertising and Strategy. She engages in public speaking regularly, often on the topics of women in leadership, life purpose and values based living. Nicole is the published author of Adversperience, The Convergence of Advertising & Experiential Marketing. Currently, she is writing a book on leadership and life purpose, which will be published this fall. Nicole coined the term Adversperience. An adversperience is a multi-sensory, two-way engagement between a brand and its target consumer. Adversperiential marketing speaks to the convergence of advertising and experiential marketing, is essentially advertising on steroids. It is everything advertising needs and wants to be in the consumer age of disruption, distraction and connection.

Nicole knows how to get inside the consumer’s head and figure out how to connect. With three decades of industry experience working on both the client and agency side, she is well equipped for consulting and leadership. Nicole has spoken at Schulich School of Business, Rotman School of Business, Apex Conference, AdWeek, MAAW Global Conference in Vienna, Marketing to Women Conference in Chicago and the Canadian Marketing Association, among others. She is also a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab, and is a Member of the Forbes Agency Council.

In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, yoga, and blogging. She looks forward to networking and collaborating with like-minded professionals in the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals.

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