The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Tara MacDonald


Tara MacDonald graduated with a B.A. in English literature with honors from Trent University in Ontario, Canada in 1997. She traveled from her home in Nova Scotia to do her degree there, so she could combine a love of travel with education. In 2002, she completed her B.B.A. marketing and management from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and she has become a certified professional career coach and received a fitness instruction certification.
She founded Tara MacDonald Fit Club, Inc., in 2014. This is a personal training studio and her second company, but this is her first business centering on health and wellness. As a plus-sized woman due to a hormone imbalance, she has coached other plus-sized individuals since 2004, and through that she has realized how women and men want to be heard and supported when discussing and making an effort to improve their health. Tara’s workshops with plus-sized individuals are the most popular services she offers at her club.
Tara is a member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association and a certified Walk 15 fitness leader. She has attended the Highland Coaching Creative Business Retreat, Activate Her Awesome, the Coaches Training Institute, and the IDEA FIT conference and IDEA Success Academy in order to learn more about fitness training and to improve her skills so she may better assist clients in living a healthier lifestyle.