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Sandy Christensen

Sandy Christensen is a Financial Consultant at Investors Group Financial Services. Sandy has been in the financial industry for over a year now, and has always had a love of finance. She is currently a financial consultant for Investors Group Financial Services in Winnipeg, MB. Although this is her second career having left the computer software industry in 2014, she feels very passionate about financial planning and the impact she can have on her clients’ lives.
She takes a long-term approach to planning, and believes that with a detailed plan, reviewed and updated regularly, people will have the financial resources to realize their goals and stay on track. She has spent much of her career(s) in male dominated positions, and has faced adversity and struggled at times to find her place.
Her university degree is in Computer Science but she has always had a passion for finances so the move to financial planning was a relatively easy one for her. She is also enrolled in the CFP program to eventually acquire her Certified Financial Planner designation.
Sandy started out in university wanting to get a degree in accounting but she decided to go the IT route instead.  She made a career for herself in IT for over 20 years. She was also involved in finance, but her main role in IT was Director of a Global Sales Engineering team. Sandy moved over to financial services when the company that she was working for started to downsize.  She decided to follow her passion in the financial industry, and wanted to start over doing something that she loved and believed in. She also wanted to start making a difference.  She is very proud of her ability to build relationships throughout her career.
She holds a BA in Computer Science, and loves spending time with her dog, watching movies and snowshoeing in her spare time. She is a Member of the Scandinavian Centre Club, and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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